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  • The new version of API documentation has been released, including the following updates:
    • Adjustments to most of the HTTP and WS endpoint request paths, parameters and responses.
    • Unification of signature algorithm, using the same signature algorithm for Spot and Futures modules.
    • Adjustments to the API rate limit strategy, please see Rate Limit for details.
    • For details about other changes, see API Introduction.


  • Changed part in Step 2: Generate authentication parameters of Authentication, including the following updates:
    • Removed part secret_key from the composition of request_path.
    • Replaced the SHA256 signature method with HMAC-SHA256 signature, where 'secret_key' is used as the key.
    • The new feature is temporarily compatible with the old signature method. Please use the new signature method as soon as possible. The old signature method will be removed at a later date.