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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the servers located?

ap-northeast-1a apne1-az4 ap-northeast-1c apne1-az1 ap-northeast-1d apne1-az2

Why am I getting the "code: 4007, message: 'IP Prohibited'" error?

Your IP address is not included in the whitelist of the API key. Please check your outbound IP address by visiting the following URL, and then update the whitelist.

Why am I getting the "code: 4005, message: 'IP Prohibited'" error?

If it is a newly created API key, it will take 10 minutes to take effect.If you are using an old API key, please check if the API key has expired. If none of the above is an issue, please verify if your code is implemented correctly. You can find the instructions in the following documentation: Authentication

Why am I getting the "code: 3310, message: ‘Invalid Withdrawal Address'" error?

If the address is not the issue, make sure you've selected the correct network and verified the chain. If there is no problem with the above, it could be a misunderstanding of concepts. On Web, the withdrawal address acts as an address book to store your withdrawal address, but the withdrawal process requires a second verification via email. Meanwhile, API withdrawals have a whitelist feature, which allows direct withdrawals without the need for secondary verification.\ These are two different concepts. If you want to use API withdrawals, please visit the address below and add your withdrawal address to the withdrawal whitelist. detailed instructions, please refer to the tutorial.