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Enumeration of Definitions


  • SPOT: spot market
  • MARGIN: margin market
  • FUTURES: futures market


  • buy: buy order
  • sell: sell order


  • limit: Limit order (Always Valid, Good Till Cancel)
  • market: Market order
  • maker_only: Maker only order (Post only order)
  • ioc: Immediate or Cancel
  • fok: Fill or Kill


  • put
  • update
  • finish


  • put
  • active
  • cancel


  • put
  • active_success
  • active_fail
  • cancel


  • higher
  • lower


  • de-DE
  • en-US
  • es-AR
  • es-ES
  • es-MX
  • fr-FR
  • kk-KZ
  • id-ID
  • uk-UA
  • ja-JP
  • ru-RU
  • th-TH
  • pt-BR
  • tr-TR
  • vi-VN
  • zh-TW
  • ar-SA
  • hi-IN
  • fil-PH


  • FUTURES: Futures trading permissions
  • MARGIN: Margin trading permissions
  • AMM: AMM (Automated market making) permissions
  • API: API management permissions


  • created: The transfer request has been submitted
  • deducted: Assets have been deducted
  • failed: Transfer failed
  • finished: Transfer complete


  • loan: Borrowing loans
  • debt: In debt
  • liquidated: The loan is forcefully liquidated
  • finish: The loan has been fully repaid


  • processing: deposit being processed
  • confirming: deposit awaiting block confirmations
  • cancelled: deposit canceled
  • finished: deposit credited
  • too_small: deposit amount lower than the minimum limit
  • exception: the deposit cannot be processed as usual


  • created: 'withdrawal pending for Email confirmation'
  • audit_required: 'withdrawal to be audited'
  • audited: 'withdrawal approved'
  • processing: 'withdrawal being processed'
  • confirming: 'withdrawal awaiting block confirmations'
  • finished: 'withdrawal complete'
  • cancelled: 'withdrawal canceled'
  • cancellation_failed: 'withdrawal cancellation failed'
  • failed: 'withdrawal failed'


  • open: the order is placed and pending execution;
  • part_filled: order partially executed (still pending);
  • filled: order fully executed (completed);
  • part_canceled: order partially executed and then canceled;
  • canceled: the order is canceled; to maintain server performance, any canceled orders without execution will not be saved.


  • linear: linear contract (USDT-margined contract), which uses USDT or other stable coins as quote currency, settlement currency, and margin.
  • inverse: inverse contract (Coin-margined contract), which uses the base currency for both settlement and margin, while USD is used as the quote currency.


  • isolated: isolated margin. In Isolated Margin mode, the margin for each position is separate and cannot be shared with other positions. The system won't add margin automatically, and any additional margin needs to be manually added by the user.
  • cross: cross margin. In Cross Margin mode, all available balances in the Futures account can be used as a shared margin for all current positions. To avoid forced liquidation, the system will add margin automatically by using the available balance in the Futures account.


  • latest_price: current market price
  • mark_price: mark price


  • latest_price: current market price
  • mark_price: mark price


  • short: short position
  • long: long position


  • latest_price: current market price
  • mark_price: mark price
  • index_price: index price