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Get Market Status

HTTP request

GET /spot/market

Request parameters

Parameter NameRequiredTypeNotes
marketfalsestringList of market names. Use "," to separate multiple market names. Null or pass to query all markets. With a maximum limit of 10 markets.

Return parameters

Parameter NameTypeNotes
marketstringMarket name
maker_fee_ratestringMaker fee rate
taker_fee_ratestringTaker fee rate
min_amountstringMin. transaction volume
base_ccystringBase currency
quote_ccystringQuote currency
base_ccy_precisionintBase currency decimal
quote_ccy_precisionintQuote currency decimal
is_amm_availableboolWhether to enable AMM function
is_margin_availableboolWhether to enable margin trading

Request example

GET /spot/market?market=BTCUSDT

Response example

"code": 0,
"data": [
"market": "BTCUSDT",
"taker_fee_rate": "0.002",
"maker_fee_rate": "0.002",
"min_amount": "0.0005",
"base_ccy": "BTC",
"quote_ccy": "USDT",
"base_ccy_precision": 8,
"quote_ccy_precision": 2,
"is_amm_available": true,
"is_margin_available": true
"message": "OK"