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Get Balance in Spot Account

  • This endpoint requires signature. For specific signature rules, please refer to Authentication
  • This endpoint will trigger rate limit. For specific rules, please refer to Rate Limit.

HTTP request

GET /assets/spot/balance

Request parameters


Return parameters

Parameter NameTypeNotes
ccystringCurrency name
availablestringBalance available
frozenstringFrozen balance. Unavailable asset balances, including frozen assets in orders and other cases

Request example

GET /assets/spot/balance

Response example

"code": 0,
"data": [
"ccy": "USDT",
"available": "25837.077847838",
"frozen": "6540.714421152"
"ccy": "CET",
"available": "41232.366264748",
"frozen": "3702.28145353364"
"message": "OK"